Seasick | Summer 2024

Secrets are killer.

In the small town of Yatesville, Oklahoma, ex-best friends Naya Morgan and Yana Bunpraserit have always felt like outsiders. But this year, everything changes when they're invited to join an exclusive society of Yatesville High’s best and brightest recent graduates. A privileged world of unimaginable opportunities and a coveted scholarship await them, starting with a luxurious yacht trip to Bermuda. Despite the onslaught of microaggressions and backhanded compliments they’ll surely faceas well as their own rocky past—Yana and Naya are ready for an epic celebration.

That is, until one of their classmates is brutally murdered, and they’re stranded at sea with a killer on the loose. Yana and Naya may have avoided each other for years, yet as the body count rises, rekindling their friendship might be the only thing that will  keep them both alive.